Annual General Meeting 19 November 2019 at 7pm – come along

Save Our Valley’s AGM will be on  Tuesday 19 November at 7pm.

Come along to listen to our guest speaker Maire Sheehan from the Better Planning Network

Venue: Ground Floor, 11/-13 Hartill Law Ave, Bardwell Park

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Save Our Valley

In August 2017 residents and business people from Bardwell Park, Earlwood and Turrella formed the Save Our Valley group to inform the community about the NSW Government’s Planned Precincts for these suburbs.

The precincts form part of the NSW Government’s strategy to allow high density, high rise developments right along rail lines across Sydney.

Planned Precincts for Turrella and Bardwell Park will rezone land and allow high density development within 10 minutes walk from the train stations. Planned precinct buildings will start at 8 stories and developers are not required to consider environmental or infrastructure needs.

Save Our Valley’s aim is to ensure that any development is compatible with the valley’s topography, amenity, and heritage and the existing community’s values; and that residents from Bardwell Park, Bardwell Valley, Earlwood and Turrella have the opportunity to be involved in planning development at all stages of the process.

Blue Zones – how do they impact you?

The Planned Precincts are identified in blue in maps produced by the NSW Department of Planning and we refer to these the “Blue Zones”. To find out what stage the NSW Government’s plans are at and if your home or business is in the Blue Zone check the images and links below:

Bardwell Park/Earlwood

Use the map below to check your address and zoom in on the blue zone areas above or CLICK HERE to open in a new tab. 

The map divides Bardwell Park, Earlwood and Turrella into 12 zones for volunteers to deliver leaflets. 

Stay informed

Did you know that you can register to be notified of all development applications that are made within 2 km of where you live? Register here:

You can also register with Department of Planning for updates about the Priority Precincts. Here are the links:

Bardwell Park:


Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved HERE