Membership form

SOV Policy regarding member’s personal information – Save our Valley (SOV) collects some personal information, name and contact information about members through the membership form. We use this information to provide members with information about the organisation and its activities. We may also use the information to inform members about other organisations for the purposes of advancing the aims of SOV; that is, to alert the local community to the Priority Precinct development plans as they evolve, and act as a channel for the community to express their concerns; and to advocate for outcomes that respect existing resident’s rights and values, and are compatible with local topography, amenity and heritage. We do not sell or provide that information to any other organisation. However, we may use the information to inform members about other related organisations and activities where these help advance the aims of SOV.

How much does membership cost? The contribution is $10 per person per annum, ending on 30 June each year. We welcome multi-year memberships.

How we will apply your membership fee We will only use your membership fee for legitimate costs such as printing flyers, hiring halls for meetings and hosting a website. Your generous support, both financial and as a volunteer, will help us all to organise an effective community response.

Skills required – Community organisations such as SOV work best when many members do a little bit each to contribute. So, we are interested in the skills you might have that may be of help to the organisation from time to time. Examples of skills may include computer skills, web design, social marketing, legal knowledge, graphic/ artistic skills etc.

In addition, SOV would like to know if you are able to be an active member. This may mean, for example, writing to Local Council committees or local newspapers regarding planning applications, following planning alerts in your local area & informing the group.