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Bayside Council currently has a DRAFT Local Strategic Planning Statement which is open for comment – visit the website

Included in this plan is a review of the housing and population needs with a focus on an increase in the number of apartments planned along train lines, including at Bardwell Park and Turrella (1).

The State Planning department has asked Bayside to investigate housing development in Bardwell Park on non-industrial land and the Bardwell Park and Turrella Priority Precincts also pop up in the Bayside 2030 Community Strategic Plan 2030 under the heading Urban Renewal (2).

The Bayside Council area has forecast an increase in the number of dwellings from 123,116 (2016) to 171,331 (2030) (3). This is an increase of 39.16%, one of the highest of any council area in Sydney. What will this mean for our local area and community?

Since the responsibility for housing development has passed from the State government to Council your feedback is vital in getting answers to the questions that remain unanswered about development in our area including housing, education, transport, infrastructure and the natural environment. 

The Planning Statement can be viewed at

If you wish to provide feedback you can do so: 

Remember the deadline for submissions is 29 September 2019.

1. Bayside Council DRAFT Local Strategic Planning Statement pages 17-18, 50, and 52
2. Bayside 2030 Community Strategic Plan 2030 page 18
3. Sydney Morning Herald, 09 September 2019. Sydney Towards 2030. Natassia Chrysanthos

News and Media

Turrella rezone proposal for 20 storey buildings for 5,000 new residences – that is around 9,000 additional residents. You can read the developer’s proposal, obtained from Bayside Council here:Turrella-Planning-Proposal-Report-Turrella-Industrial-Precinct-Ethos
Take a look at our leaflet objecting to the proposed development here: SOV-Opposes-Turrella-proposal-Leaflet-2018
Check out SOV’s objections here: SOVObjections-to-Turrella-rezoning-proposal-Oct-2018 You may come up with some of your own.
Make a submission to Bayside City Counsellors by email or letter and be specific about your objections. The Council needs to know what the community thinks about it. See our Get Involved page for address details.
Post your views on our Facebook page
Contact the SOV committee if you have any questions:

EBP RSL multi-storey car park
Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL proposes a new 5 storey car park creating 68 additional spaces for RSL patrons but no additional parking for Sydney Rail commuters. We think this is precursor to high rise development on the RSL site. This DA poster is exhibited at the RSL Club and this is a link to the DA full proposal that is also available from Bayside Council:
Submissions close 26 November, so do it now!. Send your submission to Bayside City Council at PO Box 21, Rockdale 2016 or by email: and be specific about what you like and don’t like

We asked the Department of Planning for an update on the Planned Precincts. Read their response here:
Department of Planning Planned Precincts Update

We have issued a couple of flyers that you may have seen in our local area. Tell us what you think – check them out at the links here:

  1. Flyer March 2018 – Blue Zone – how does it impact you?
  2. Leaflet October 2017

Greater Sydney Commission proposals

Save Our Valley made a submission to the Greater Sydney Commission about development proposals for our suburbs and you can read it here:

You can read other submissions to the Greater Sydney Commission made by community groups about development in Sydney here:

Submission by Canterbury Bankstown City Council

Submission by Bayside Council